Training Registration

If you are trying to determine which INFILTRATE training course is best suited for you or your team, email us at infiltrate@immunityinc(dot)com and we will help you decide.

Please Note: If you are bundling your Conference with Training, you need to buy a Training ticket first to recieve your one-time discount code.


Conference Registration

There are three pricing tiers for conference tickets which are quantity based. The ticket price increases as each previous tier sells out, so buy your ticket early.

Discount Ticketing Options

Training & Conference Bundle

If you are interested in signing up for an Immunity Training Course and the Conference Briefings pass, a bundle discount is available. You will first need to buy your training ticket and then you are provided a one-time discount code via your confirmation email to purchase the conference briefings pass at the reduced rate of $1000. If you buy your conference briefings pass first, the discount code will not be sent.

Group Ticketing

If you are looking to send a group to the training and/or conference briefings, please email us at infiltrate@immunityinc[dot]com for potential discount options.

No Alcohol Discount

If you would like to purchase a no alcohol conference briefings ticket, please email us at infiltrate@immunityinc[dot]com for more information.

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